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Disco meets kung-fu movies!

Play as Tessa Kirby, a.k.a. Tough Kookie, a groovy martial arts action movie stuntwoman/director of the 70’s, aspiring to become the biggest action movie superstar of her time.

Tough Kookie is a third-person beat'em up game with a twist, set in a fantasized version of the movie-making industry of the 70's.

Shoot the most spectacular fight scenes, while managing the scenes’ camera placement to fulfill your goal.

What you'll play is a prototype that features 3 levels/contracts, plus the movie studio, for a total play time of about 20 minutes. After completing the final contract, you can replay the others.

Useful Info & Controls

/!\ You need a very good machine to run Tough Kookie properly. It's possible that you may encounter some issues during your session, but if you are blocked, restarting the game fixes everything (well, except the quality of the game). /!\ 

The game plays only with a gamepad. The controls are explained and displayed in a in-game tutorial. The controls during the camera placement phase are displayed at all time. Here's the list of the fighting part controls as a reminder:

  • LEFT STICK: Move Around
  • RIGHT STICK: Look Around
  • X: Attack
  • Y: Attack Variation
  • RB: Parry
  • RB + LEFT STICK direction: Dodge
  • A: Take/Push Object
  • B: Throw Object
  • Press LEFT & RIGHT STICK: Enter Super Mode (if arm glowing)
  • START: Open Moves Recap & Pause Game


TOUGH KOOKIE is a student graduation project, developed in a year, by 8 students from Rubika Supinfogame, France. The game was made with Unreal Engine 4.

Huge kudos to the development team:

We'd also like to specially thank our additonal helpers:

+ Our Twitter: @ToughKookieGame

+ A nice article from Alpha Beta Gamer


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It looks funky and feels punchy! Love the concept ♥

I really want to play this game because it seems neat but when i boot it up it won't get past the screen saying you need a controller and i have one plugged in. 


Hi! The A button of your controller is supposed to get you past this screen. Please make sure your controller is plugged in before you launch the game.

You'll get groovy soon!

thanks i had to reset up my controller and it worked. Got to say i love the art style and look of the game but sadly it kept crashing one me ;-;

would seem to always crash during combat and the y moves would also sometimes not hit. I do like the idea of the game though and really want to play.

Well, that's not supposed to happen! Could you give us more information about the steps of reproduction of the crash? It would help us a lot for the fix.

Thanks a lot and sorry for the inconvenience!

please version keybord.

Hi! We are not planning to do a keyboard version of the game, sorry :/

i think big error no make version keybord... i am working for lobby game a++ ... game for pc alwasy have select joypad and keybord.... .. think no problem for dev make version keybord ..lol

When we made the prototype (and please keep in mind this is a student video game :) ), our biggest constraint was the time. Although we know how to implement a mouse & keyboard version, we decided to focus our efforts on the feel of the best controller to transmit our experience, and that's the gamepad for Tough Kookie!

Hope you understand :)

ok prototype ...dont miss lot people like play keybord. ... jaypad look only for console ...but respect student videogame lol ...think this game have good idea...


Looks darn sick!


Oooh, this looks good! Looking forward to trying it, thanks so much for sharing.